Automatic Self-erecting Mobile Towers

Tower Solutions is a leader and innovator in mobile tower technology. Whether your application has height, speed to deployment, or customization requirements, we have solutions that will meet your needs.
No other company provides an easier to use, more customizable or versatile solution. Learn more about our tower technology and we guarantee you’ll see the Tower Solutions Difference.

We offer a wide range of applications for industry:

  • Telecommunications: Manage multiple antennae or radar systems.
  • Lighting: Create superior lighting tower systems that far surpass the range of the typical lighting stand/tower. Over 80 feet in height, one of our large towers will light the equivalent of up to 4 football fields and can greatly reduce glare in the worksite.
  • Surveillance: Stability solutions for camera and/or video surveillance.
  • Combination Units: Combine features for multi-functional applications in one tower.

Government Buyers

Tower Solutions is on the GSA Advantage website. To see available products, use the Advanced Search feature and type "Tower Solutions" in the search field.