Large Tower Series - LTS

Large Tower Series - Basic Portable Towers

The Basic Portable Tower is the foundation module from which all large tower designs are based. Our towers are three-sided structures that rise to a height of 80 feet (24.38m) in 5 minutes or less. Each of the three sides consists of a "ladder-like" chain made up of a number of lattice sections hinged together and, in the stowed position, roll and stack in a square spiral-like pattern on one of three rotating bales.

As the tower rises, our patented design provides for each of the three mating sides to unroll and rotate into a vertical orientation. During this process, heavy stainless hooks located at each hinge automatically engage with hooks on the other two sides, section by section, to form a rigid triangular tower column. When retracting the tower, the process is reversed with each section unhooked from the others and the chain of sections rotationally stacked on the bales. The independent tower assembly weighs only 3,000 pounds (1,361kg).

The rigidity and stability of the tower are enhanced by the integrated robust trailer, which has heavy-duty leveling jacks and wide outriggers for stabilizing the deployed tower. These supports offer un-guyed stability for many applications.

With no hydraulics or pneumatic components, the tower mechanism is nearly maintenance free and can operate in all normally specified environmental conditions. A wide range of options and accessories provide the ability to configure and customize the tower to meet a wide range of end-user needs.

The LTS comes in three customizable models:

  • PTM-100
  • PTM-130
  • ISO-110/220