The PTM-100, the base model in our large tower series, features an open structural frame supporting our patented "ladder-like" lattice tower.

This adjustable-height tower can raise to any height or a max height of 80 feet (24.38m) in 5 minutes or less, making it attractive for applications where in height may be restricted or flexibility is desired.

The base PTM-100 tower is supported by the following standard features:

  • Integrated robust trailer with 16,000 lb GTWR, electric brakes and 3” pintle coupler
  • Leveling jacks
  • Stabilizing outriggers with pads
  • 10kW generator
  • Shore power connection w/ manual transfer switch
  • Storage box
  • Spare tire
  • Tower monitoring sensors
  • Tower grounding system

These features provide ease of use, safety, rigidity and stability and allow the tower to be operated quickly and un-guyed in many applications.

A wide range of configurable options and accessories allow our towers to be customized to meet end-user needs and provide solutions not offered by other light tower or mast systems.

  • Power: Gensets, Solar battery trickle charging, high efficiency hybrid power systems, hydrogen fuel cell.
  • Tower Enclosure: Cabinet-style enclosure around the tower frame with lockable doors protect the tower mechanism and equipment from the environment.
  • Trailer Customization: Add space for shelters, special electronics, equipment storage, generators, different couplers, air brakes.
  • Cable Management: Cable baskets, manual or spring powered cable reels.
  • Safety: Guardrails, operation alarm & warning light, service work lighting.
  • Storage: Equipment boxes, antenna transport storage, payload loading/storage solutions.
  • Lighting: Tower mounted light fixtures for daylight-quality light dispersion over a large area without blinding glare or light contamination.
    -  Options for up to 18 - 1,500 watt lights (27,000 W) of lighting power.
  • Combination Systems: Combine communications, lighting, surveillance, or lifting payload systems to achieve multifunctional capabilities.