Tower Technology

The patented technology behind our towers.

Our towers are made up of three ladder-like aluminum structures comprised of a number of lattice sections hinged together. In the stowed position, these sections roll and stack in a square pattern on one of three rotating bales

The three bales are mounted on a platform in a triangular configuration. When an operator presses a button at the base of the tower, the bales begin to unwind at the same speed. As the tower rises, each of the three mating sides unrolls and rotates into a vertical orientation. During this process, heavy steel hooks located at each hinge automatically engage with hooks on the other two sides. The process repeats section by section to form a rigid triangular column.

When lowering the tower, the process is reversed; each section unhooks from the others in a rotating fashion, and the three sections recoil and stack onto the bales for stowing.

The rigidity and stability of the tower are enhanced by the integrated robust base structure (ie. trailer, shipping container) which has heavy-duty leveling jacks and wide outriggers for stabilizing the deployed tower. This allows self-supporting un-guyed stability for many applications.

Our patented technology is driven by an electric gear system, which allows for very precise movements and speed allowing the tower to reach a height of 80 feet (24.34m) in approximately five minutes.

The aluminum bales have CNC machined joints at the pivots, and the brake system has a safety lock so that the tower is not dependent on electric power once it has been raised. The tower can be operated from provided power systems such as generators, battery systems or provided shore power.

The tower is nearly maintenance-free with no hydraulics to leak, or cables, winches, pulleys or lubrication to maintain. The aluminum tower will not rust nor need to be painted. As such our towers can operate in all normally specified environmental conditions, and wide range of options and accessories provide the ability to configure and customize the tower to meet a wide range of end-user needs.

The LTS comes in three customizable models: • PTM-100 • PTM-130 • ISO-110/220 The STS is our smaller tower and features many of the same features as the large series but is designed for lighter-duty mounting applications, such as trailers, skids or direct vehicle mount.